Enjoy a brief walk into the history of ZEMC through pictures

Began as a House Church in 1916 meeting in homes of the charter members

pictured above a Sunday Service at the home of Wm. Ertman ~1918

An early view of the church building from the Volkman farm looking north across Rolly View Road

Built in 1926 a few meters west of Range Road 224

The church building as it stood on Rolly View Road – 1927

The church building as it stood on Rolly View Road

The church building as it stood on Rolly View Road

Schultz Wedding June 23 1949

Wedding June 23 1949

Aerial view from the early 1950’s

Heritage Cairn stands just west of the former church property

Interior View of Early Church

Interior View of Early Church

Pulpit, Picture and Stage Curtains from 1953

Communion Set, Baptismal Font & Basin used in 1953

First Parsonage built in 1938

Bathroom Facilities from the early days in the village

Preparing for 1st Addition after the church building was moved into the village of New Sarepta in 1953

First addition included a larger platform, Pastor’s study and a small office

First addition being  added




View from the north west corner after 1st Addition

At the time of the 50th Anniversary

Second addition begins in 1969

Second addition  continues

Foyer, Office & Sunday School Classrooms

Second Addition Completed

Dedication Sunday

New parsonage built in 1976 after moving old parsonage off the property

Preparing to begin Addition #3

Excavation for Addition #3 begins


New roof line for Addition #3 – New Sanctuary

Working on the Interior of the New Sanctuary

Addition #3 – New Sanctuary completed in 1978

New Sanctuary on Dedication Sunday August 13, 1978

View from the Platform

4th Addition of  an Education Wing, Offices & Fellowship Hall begin in 1983



Zion Evangelical Missionary Church – ZEMC at the 100th Anniversary





ZEMC in 2022

ZEMC Timeline of Church Expansions

Come grow with us, there’s more to come . . .



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