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What to Expect

Zion is a mid-sized country church made up of individuals who desire to get to know God better. Sunday mornings we have a worship service in which we worship through both contemporary and traditional songs, prayer, giving, and letting God touch our hearts and minds through a message from His word. During the service, children in grade 1 and younger are dismissed to a children’s class where they can learn in ways best suited to them, and a nursery is open during the service for little ones from birth to 2 years. During the school year, you can join us before the service for a time of examining God’s word together as a group during Sunday School. Classes are available for adults, youth and children, with the nursery open as well. Sunday school runs from 9:45 to 10:45 most Sundays from September to June.

We believe Christianity has its focus on the person of Jesus Christ and that our faith is lived out through a relationship with Him. We believe that God has given us the Bible to help us understand this relationship with Him, and to bring focus and clarity to our lives. Given this, we strive to provide programs and ministries that meet people where they are, and we believe whether you are a child, a teenager, a young adult, parent, or senior, you are important to God and He desires to meet with you where you are right now. Zion ministries are designed for you to get connected with God and for you to grow in a personal relationship with Him. Take a look and see some of the things you could be involved in right now!


Planted over 100 years ago, Zion Church is located in New Sarepta, Alberta where we still proudly worship God who has called us to share His love to a hurting world. Our worship space has changed several times over the years, growing to accommodate larger numbers of people.  It was a small country church but is now situated across from the High School in the hamlet of New Sarepta.  Click here for a Brief pictorial History.

Pastors who have served the congregation over the years: 


Mission Statement

Our Mission

TO CELEBRATE and worship God through Christ.
TO CULTIVATE personal growth in Christ. 
TO CARE about one another in Christ.
TO COMMUNICATE Christ to the world.
TO COMMIT to a life of stewardship for Christ.

Our Vision:  

That everyone in New Sarepta and area will have the opportunity to become a follower of Jesus Christ.

Core Values

We value Biblical authority and are committed to thorough study, teaching, preaching, and obedient application of God’s Word.
We value Prayer and are committed to seeking God for direction, guidance, and provision as we acknowledge our dependence on Him.
We value The Great Commission and are committed to sharing the Gospel both in our community and abroad, through our lifestyle, our relationships, and our short and long term mission experiences.
We value The Discipling Process and are committed to helping people move toward becoming fully mature followers of Christ.
We value Stewardship and are committed to giving our best to God, wisely investing our time, talents, and treasure for the building of His Kingdom.
We value Worship and are committed to providing worship experiences that are both celebrative and reflective, worshiping God through Christ and encouraging our worship to be expressed in daily living.
We value People and are committed to helping believers develop God honoring relationships in their marriage, family, the body of Christ, and the community.

We value Every Generation and are committed to empowering each generation to both experience God in meaningful ways and to minister to every other generation.

* For a full listing of beliefs please reference our denominational website

  Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada.

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